Friday 16 December 2011

Forever Friends Classic Christmas

I know it is getting down to the wire, but there is still time for a few more cards!

This one is for Gracie's groomer, who has the patience of a saint to get Gracie looking so pretty.  She (Gracie) can be a bit of a pickle when getting combed and brushed!

Anyway, I realised last night that I hadn't done the card for the groomer (Jackie at Adorapaws).  As I often do in a pinch, I turned to docrafts Digital Designer!

Here is the card. 

I used the Forever Friend Retro Christmas CD and chose one of the preset decoupauge scenes.  A bit of cutting, gluing (with pinflair), matting and layering, and viola!

The image is so sweet (as are all the forever friends images), and although this isn't for any challenges or anything, I thought it deserved a place on my blog.

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

xx Denise

As often happens, Lily decided she wanted to inspect the card very closely to ensure it meets her quality standards!


Misty's said...

Gorgeous and adorable! Love it! Great decoupage scene as well.
Michaela xx

That Craft Place said...

How cute!!!!1

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