Friday 13 November 2020

McGuire Inspired

It has been a really really long time since I have posted anything here so I will be amazed if anyone sees it besides me, but who knows.

One of the reasons I stopped card making a few year ago is that I retired from my job.  While this might seem like a reason to craft more, it actually removed my downline.  Basically, work was the place I brought all the cards I made to sell for charity.  I have never been a ‘tons of friends’ kind of gal, so I have maybe 10 people I personally give cards to.  I couldn’t see a reason to keep making cards to just save forever in my house, so.... and I say this with my head hanging low..... I just bought cards for my friends and family instead.

Fast forward to ”Covid World”, and like many people, I found myself running out of things to binge watch, rewatch, etc. etc.  I mean, there is a limit to the number of times I can see the same episodes of even my favorite shows without it getting stale.  Anyway, once I had exhausted all my options on cable and streaming services, I found myself watching youtube videos to pass the time.   I eventually came across a card making video showing how to use layering stamps on dark cardstock.   It was the video linked below, by Jennifer McGuire Ink that rekindled my own love of cardmaking.

Jennifer McGuire Ink - Stamp Layering on Dark Cardstock

Several Jennifer McGuire videos later I was compelled to pull out my supplies and get inky.  Now my dining room is almost officially my craft room (since we won’t be entertaining anytime soon anyway). I even organized my existing stash and got an (admittedly) excessive number of new goodies to try out.

Here is the first card I attempted, using stamps from the Altenew - Playful Blooms set.  I wasn’t so brave and didn’t use proper dark cardstock, but it wasn’t white!  That was brave for me.

Then, with Father’s Day approaching, I made this one.  Again, I got the idea of the 2nd and 3rd generation stamping of the leaves from another of the Jennifer McGuire Ink youtube videos.  I wish I had had the forethought to keep track of all the videos I watched, and which ones taught me what technique, but I didn’t, so I apologize for that.

Next, I made one for my niece.... (mostly using my Silhouette Cameo)

And one for our Shipt shopper for going above and beyond to get us coffee beans during lockdown!!

There is also a little Jennifer McGuire influence on this one.  The die cut sentiment is layered to help it stand out a bit more.  

Then, my nephew’s birthday rolled around and I put this together for him.

Then, because Jaydon received this card a week after his birthday, I decided to try to make some ‘ready to go’ birthday cards to have on hand.  These are a few of the ones I came up with.

You might recognize the Altenew Leaf Burst Stencil in the top card.  The middle card uses a stencil I have had in my stash for a long time, the Clarity Stencil Star Wreath.  The third (and all three really) I made using my Gel Plate.  

Well, I see that my crafting stream of consciousness has resulted in a much longer post than intended, so I will end this one here.

I don’t know if she will ever even see this, but I just wanted to put my thanks out into the crafty universe to let Jennifer McGuire and all the other Youtube posters know how their videos have inspired me and how much I appreciate their time and generosity in sharing their techniques and creations.  It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there.

Anyway, I will post again soon with some Christmas cards I have been working on - for sending out and for charity.  By then I should know if anyone is still out there and interested 😁

Happy crafting.  Stay safe and take care.

xx Denise

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