Monday 4 June 2012

My Own 'Use it Up' Challenge

Greetings fellow crafty folks.  I doubt I am alone in this, so I thought I would share it.  Recently I had to move all of my stash so I could get broadband installed so I wanted to organize it properly before putting it all back.  One of the boxes is my 'cut offs' or 'scraps' box and looking at it, there is really no good way to organize it - so my choices are to bin it (yeah right) or use it up. 

I was surprised just how much is in the box - it definitely adds up quickly.

Anyway, as many of you know, I am having back surgery on Wednesday (6th of June)  - getting my L5S1 vertebrae fused.  I will be convalescing for at least 6 weeks, so I decided to set myself a challenge so I don't go stir crazy or revert to a depressed lump on the couch with no purpose.

So....within the next 6-8 weeks, I am going to try to utilise everything in this box on projects.  I am not sure if I can do it, but I am sure gonna try.  I will keep you all posted with my progress and of course share my projects. 

Wish me luck!!

xx Denise


CraftyNess said...

Sounds like a great plan - I think I should do something like that too and make the decision that if I have not used up what is in there within 3 months that I probably never will and get rid!! Hope all goes well with the surgery - good luck x

Sammylou said...

Best of luck, can't wait to see what you make xXx

Victoria said...

Sounds like a brilliant personal challenge. I hope surgery goes well and we look forward to see what you make.

Miradormakings said...

Looking forwaqrd to seeing what you make and hope the back surgery goes well for you

Joan x

Celias said...

What a great challenge you have set yourself and look forward to seeing the end project xx and good luck with the op xxxxxxxxxxx

Linda Simpson said...

Sending you good wishes for your operation on Wednesday. I have a box just like this and I always dip in and out of it for my own projects. I look forward to seeing what you make.

Linda xxx

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